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QUESTION: Where is Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club located?
ANSWER: The club is located at 1991 Deodora Drive, Los Altos, CA, 94024, between Arboretum Drive and St. Joseph Avenue.
QUESTION: What facilities does Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club have?
ANSWER: The club offers relaxing and uncrowded facilities to its members.

A clubhouse is available for use by members and their guests. The clubhouse has a fireplace, open seating area, kitchen, and women and men's restrooms with showers. The restrooms were remodeled in 2006 and, together with the entire facility, are ADA (American Disabilities Act) accessible.

There are three lighted tennis courts.

The swimming pool is 60 feet in length. lt is heated throughout the year with a combination of solar energy and natural gas. It was completely rebuilt including replacement of all underground plumbing, addition of an ADA compliant lift, replacement of all pumps and heaters, rebuilding the solar system, and addition of a saline chlorination system in 2012.

A toddler pool, which is heated by solar, is adjacent to the swimming pool. The toddler pool measures 12 feet x 18 feet and was also rebuilt and replumbed in 2012.

Also at the club is a ping-pong table, picnic area with barbeques, shuffleboard court, a childrens' playground, a 10 by 40 Bocce Ball court, and a wall for tennis practice.

QUESTION: Is it necessary to reserve tennis courts at Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club?
ANSWER: The tennis courts are available on a first come, first serve basis to members and their accompanied guests on the same court.
QUESTION: Can family events be held at Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club?
ANSWER: Family events can be held at the club.

Events can be scheduled for the clubhouse, pool, or both the clubhouse and pool.

The clubhouse is kept locked, but members can gain access by requesting a key from a Board Director.

To hold an event for 8 to 15 guests, an event request is made to the Social Director. The cost for a small event is $15 and the event is added to the club calendar. If the event is for pool use with children, lifeguard fees are necessary which is approximately $40 for two hours.

To hold an event for 16 to 48 guests, a request is made to the club's board directors. After gaining board approval, the event is added to the club calendar and a $50 fee and lifeguard fees (if applicable) are paid.

QUESTION: When was Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club founded?
ANSWER: The club was formed in 1958 as a non-profit organization and operates in accordance with its non-profit status. Membership is limited to 83 families.
QUESTION: Who manages Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club?
ANSWER: An eight member Board of Directors governs the club. The eight directors serve as volunteers on the board.
QUESTION: Who owns Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club?
ANSWER: The 83 families that make up the club membership own the club. Proprietary membership is purchased upon joining the club. Recent memberships have sold in the $60K+ range.
QUESTION: How much are the dues?
ANSWER: The dues are $1110 per year, payable by January 15. If paid semiannually, the dues are $555, payable by January 15 and July 1.

The dues cover maintenance, operating expenses and provide for a cash reserve.

QUESTION: How can a membership be obtained?
ANSWER: Complete the membership application on the non-member portion of the website and submit the application. New applications are added to the waiting list. When a current member wishes to sell their membership, it is offered to those on the waiting list.
QUESTION: Can members sell a membership for more than was originally paid?
ANSWER: In this case, the club keeps a $100 fee plus 15% of the difference between the original purchase price and the selling price. The balance goes to the seller.
QUESTION: What activities are scheduled throughout the year at Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club?
ANSWER: Athletic and social events are scheduled throughout the year, depending upon member participation and interest.

Social events include a holiday party in December and an Easter egg hunt. Other social events have been held over the years such as wine tasting, international potlucks, and group luncheons.

Tennis tournaments are held on holidays such as Memorial Day and Independence Day.

Activities rely upon volunteer organizers and must be consistent with the club's non-profit status.

QUESTION: How do I contact a representative of Woodland Vista Swim & Racquet Club for a tour or for additional information.
ANSWER: Send an email to membership@woodlandvista.org. The phone at the club, the number listed in the phone book, is not a tended phone and is for outgoing calls only.

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